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These are the new Angelo Baque and ASICS sneakers

Angelo Baque presents his first signature shoe designed in collaboration with Asics. Read more and find out all the details.

The former director of Supreme and founder of the AWAKE NY brand, Angelo Baque, has just designed and presented in collaboration with Asics his version of the legendary Gel-Kayano 14 trainers. Dubbed “Rebirth of cool” or “the rebirth of cool”, these new “sneakers” come to the market with the aim of becoming the leaders of footwear and street-style.

This sneaker model is not the first that Angelo has designed with Asics, as he had previously participated and collaborated in the design of two other silhouettes, but signed with the name of his current brand, AWAKE NY. However, unlike the other two, this is Baque’s first shoe under his own name, marking the official launch of Baque Studios, which aims to create something that feels contemporary while paying homage to his family heritage and New York upbringing.

Choosing the colours of the Ecuadorian flag and paying homage to the homeland of their parents, these Gel-Kayano 14 are characterised by a dark grey ristop mesh upper and metallic details in silver, orange and blue, which add to the silhouette. Finally, on the bottom we can see how Asics’ signature gel technology is sandwiched between a canary yellow and white midsole, giving the shoe an extra pop of colour.

What do you think of these new sneakers? If you like them, you should know that these Angelo Baque x Asics are already on sale at the A.B. website and they cost 160 dollars.

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