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This is officially the most dangerous sexual position

We tell you which sexual position has caused the most injuries, according to the sex toy brand Arcwave.

This is officially the most dangerous sexual position

We’ve all had an injury from sex, or two, and if not, consider yourself lucky. We tell you which is the most dangerous sexual position, according to Arcwave.

The sex toy brand Arcwave wanted to put a solution to sexual injuries, and that’s why it has investigated which position is to blame for most of them. For lovers of the ‘doggy style’ position, this is crowned with the number 1 spot. It is followed by the missionary and the 69 position.

Those most susceptible to sexual injury, it seems, are the 25-35 year olds (we assume because they will be doing it more often). “The most common type of injury is bumps and bruises,” the brand shared. In addition to “burns, tugging, vaginal tears, back injuries and allergic reactions”.

Here are Arcwave’s top tips for avoiding sexual injuries:

Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene.

Hygiene is super important, even when using sex toys, as infections and bacteria can spread. Make sure all toys are thoroughly cleaned after each use, and remember to clean yourself and pee after sex.

Lubricant, your new best friend.

The use of lubricant helps a lot with vaginal dryness, to moisturise and also to protect against any friction that could create irritation or micro-injuries. The use of this gel with or without toys is essential to avoid vaginal tearing and any annoying chafing.

Communicate your limits.

Know your limits in terms of types of sexual positions, do not try to perform any position that makes you feel uncomfortable or warn your partner that you want to change position if you are at your limit. Don’t hesitate to tell him or her what toys you are comfortable with.

Safe words.

Another way to communicate in sex, especially if you practice bondage, is to agree on a code word with your partner to prevent physical injury. BDSM is an increasingly widespread form of sex in which there is role-play. One partner plays the role of the dominant master and the other the submissive.

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