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All roads lead to the Levi’s® 501®, just tell that to Slam Jam

Slam Jam continues its unique celebration of 150 years of the Levi’s® 501® with a new exclusive collection and a very special video.

All roads lead to the Levi’s® 501®, just tell that to Slam Jam

Slam Jam is in the midst of commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Levi’s® 501® jean and continues to celebrate the enduring legacy of the Levi’s® 501® jeans with a special limited edition release that puts the spotlight on the iconic jean.

This version prominently displays the distinctive Slam Jam inverted “A” logo, providing a closer connection to the Slam Jam team. Woven into a fabric patch is a QR code that provides access to an exclusive video that delves into the multiple perspectives and narratives surrounding this iconic style.

Much like Scorsese, Coppola and Allen’s 1989 film “New York Stories,” in which the trio painted a collective portrait of the city through their different lenses, Slam Jam’s video channels their unique perspective to delve into the journey of the 501® cowboy and the diverse trajectories of its enthusiasts.

For the first time, the people interviewed come from Slam Jam’s own offices. Team members share their personal stories that have made the 501® denim a must-have in their closets. Bruno, from the creative department, discovered the perfect fit in his own pair of 501® jeans after feeling dissatisfied with his father’s. Gloria, the Art Director, treasures her 15-year-old pair as a daily essential, while Tommaso, the store manager, associates denim with Levi’s®.

In a brief 150-second spot, these narratives come to life, reflecting the 150 pairs that will be available for launch. It is an intentional nod to numerology, an integral part of the Slam Jam ethos. “Strictly 501® since 1978,” proclaims Luca Benini, founder of Slam Jam. It’s the era when Levi’s® jeans were first introduced in Italy, sparking a fascination with the 501®. This year Luca made his first purchase of these jeans.

It’s a challenge to find an icon as enduring as the Levi’s® 501® jean. From the time the design was patented in 1873, it became the uniform of American workers. In the 1950s, the movie industry further cemented its status as a leisurewear essential. Remember Marilyn Monroe or James Dean wearing them? Beyond its origins, the 501® jean became a symbol of youthful rebellion. Over the decades, it has been adopted by diverse groups. From the bikers of the sixties to the hippies of the seventies, the punks of the eighties and the LGBTQ+ activists of the nineties, everyone had worn a pair of Levi’s® 501®.

Today, the 501® denim has been repurposed as a canvas to tell personal stories and ideologies. Slam Jam enthusiastically encapsulates this timeless closet staple with its signature approach: meticulous research and compelling messaging. The legacy of the 501® jean lives on.

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