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Travis Scott wants to study architecture at Harvard

Travis Scott surprises his fans with an unexpected announcement: when he finishes his Circus Maximus tour, he will study architecture at Harvard.

Travis Scott wants to study architecture at Harvard

After wrapping up his Circus Maximus tour, Travis Scott plans to do a 180-degree career turn and study architecture at the prestigious Harvard University.

Scott released one of the most acclaimed albums of the year, Astroworld, which has remained on the Billboard charts since its release in August to date. In fact, this album led him to give a lecture on creativity at Harvard University.

Apparently the college experience was very inspiring for the rapper, because after this visit, he declared through his Twitter account that he wants to go to Harvard University. According to Page Six, a rep for the rapper confirmed that he will be looking to get into the university’s renowned architecture programme.

As he also told GQ magazine. The rapper has always shown an interest in structural design and engineering, and sees architecture as a way to solve problems and create intriguing structures. He is particularly drawn to the idea of how unusual forms can be structurally functional.

Travis Scott invited Stormi and Playboi Cari on stage at his Los Angeles concert.

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