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Tyler, The Creator opens the doors of GOLF WANG to London scene

The rapper’s urban explorers club will now be able to enter the GOLF WANG universe from the heart of London.

Tyler, The Creator opens the doors of GOLF WANG to London scene

GOLF WANG will continue to push its creative movement, and elevate style, now from London’s Soho district. A new shop that has installed permanent archive pieces inside, as well as the new collections of the brand characterised by its eclecticism, its impossible combinations and prints that elevate skate culture to haute couture. 

Inside the urban boutique, a wide range of garments and accessories ranging from graphic T-shirts to hoodies, trainers, bags and skateboards will be available for purchase.

In order to close the artistic concept of the project, and convey the essence and spirit of the brand and/or Tyler The Creator‘s distinctive aesthetic, its interior is represented through eccentric elements such as strips of dandelion yellow carpeting, neutral-toned walls and a yellow-toned iteration of the iconic British phone box; which becomes a fully functional photo booth.

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, and want to explore the rapper’s new project, find GOLF WANG‘s shop at 57-59 Beak St., Beak St., Beak St., and the new GOLF WANG shop.

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