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Ulises Design Studio reimagines the caravan with AI

Ulises Design Studio connects the nomadic lifestyle with modern life by imagining retro-futuristic caravans with artificial intelligence.

Ulises Design Studio reimagines the caravan with AI

Berlin-based studio Ulysses Design has reimagined a series of retro-futuristic caravans with the AI tool Midjourney.

Until now, caravans usually have very little space, small beds, just enough space for cooking… But nomadic life may be about to undergo a renewal with the new AI-generated models created by the Ulises Design studio.

The Midjourney AI-designed caravans, each with a different aesthetic, include living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, rooftop terraces… The series dubbed Kinetic Kingdoms is a rethinking of communal living. “By embracing a more nomadic lifestyle, we can explore new ways of living that are both exciting and sustainable, while fostering a sense of community and connection to the world around us,” explained Ricardo Orts, founder of the studio, in a statement.

In case you missed it, this is Rígido’s latest collaboration with artificial intelligence.

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