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Usher gets a day in his honor and a key to Las Vegas

The iconic R&B singer has been honored in Las Vegas in a way that will live on in the history of the entertainment city.

Usher gets a day in his honor and a key to Las Vegas

Despite growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Usher has left an undisputed mark on Las Vegas throughout his music career. On Tuesday, the city honored him with a special ceremony in which he received his own day and a key to the city.

The ceremony, led by Councilman Cedric Crear and Mayor Carolyn Goodman, was a moving event that celebrated Usher’s contribution to the music world and his special connection to Las Vegas. In a gesture that marked the city’s history, October 17 was officially declared “Usher Raymond Day” in Las Vegas.

The artist expressed his gratitude: “Councilman, thank you so much for this momentous occasion. I know the effort it takes to do something like this and I don’t take it for granted. I want to thank you for believing in the future and for your ability to recognize those things that really make your city grow. I am someone who not only contributes through entertainment, but also to the heartbeat of the city.”

This tribute comes at a special time in Usher’s career, as it was recently announced that he will headline Apple Music’s halftime show at the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII. The Super Bowl will be held for the first time in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium on February 11.

On the other hand, Paris will host an artisan center owned by LVMH.

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