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Victoria Beckham opens up about David’s infidelity rumours

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Victoria Beckham opens up about David’s infidelity rumours

David Beckham’s new Netflix documentary David Beckham has been the backdrop for his wife Victoria’s emotional account of that chapter in his life.

They have been married for 24 years and have four children together. David Beckham and Victoria have become one of the most established couples and, during these two decades of marriage, they have faced many rumours about their relationship. However, as they show on a daily basis, the artist and the sportsman remain close.

The former singer had never spoken about it before, but this time she opened up and revealed just how bad she had it. Her testimonies were collected from the series “Beckham”, which consists of four chapters and will be released this Wednesday on Netflix, whose focus will be the football life of David and the media and convulsed relationship with his wife.

This event originated during Beckham’s time at Real Madrid. On the rumours of the footballer’s infidelity with his assistant, the businesswoman confessed: “It was the most difficult period because I felt the world was against us. It was a nightmare. I was the most unhappy I have ever been in my life”.

In the documentary, as well as talking about unknown aspects of David’s professional career and other more personal topics, his wife is also one of the protagonists. Victoria talks for the first time about different issues, such as the depression she suffered at some point and how she was working on different aspects of her career.

Watch ‘Beckham’: the documentary that explains the ins and outs of David and Victoria Beckham’s romance here.

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