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What is TikTok’s “Black Nail Theory”?

Tik Tok can make anything go viral, this time it’s the turn of a theory that revolves around black nails.

What is TikTok’s “Black Nail Theory”?

TikTok manages to make anything go viral, this time it’s the turn of black nails. In fact, a theory about doing your nails in this colour has gone viral that you should know about.

The “black nail theory” is invading the TikTok platform. This theory revolves around the belief that painting one’s nails black can have a profound impact on the wearer’s sense of confidence and overall demeanour. Black nails possess a unique ability to convey a sensual and captivating energy that evokes the femme fatale in you.

As the theory suggests, a dark manicure can make the wearer appear strong, bold and even mysterious. It is believed that this aesthetic choice makes your inner strength and self-confidence increase, allowing people to embrace their true essence. The charm of black nails lies in their ability to project a magnetic personality.

What is the difference between the “Black Nail Theory” and the “Red Nail Theory”?

The “Red Nail Theory” is focused on attracting the attention of men, reminding them of the power of women. The “Black Nails Theory” is about self-confidence. It is about owning your charm and sensuality. It is not a priority to have an effect on the other person, but this can happen as a result of the strength and confidence you exude.

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