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What the new Apple Vision Pro virtual avatars will look like

Apple announces that the new ‘Spatial Personas’ feature is now available to all Apple Vision Pro owners.

What the new Apple Vision Pro virtual avatars will look like

During Apple’ s 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Tim Cook unveiled the Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset that was not released until 2 February 2024. During its presentation, the company placed special emphasis on a feature called Spatial Personas, i.e. “spatial people” or, in other words, hyper-realistic personal avatars. “Spatial Personas allow you to feel present with others in a way that technology has never allowed before,” MacRumors explained.

This new feature allows users to “step out of the familiar FaceTime mosaic and feel more present, as if they are gathered in the same physical space”. Thanks to this feature, avatars feature a transparent background and can display body language and even additional movements. “You can look each other in the eye, express yourself naturally and, best of all, enjoy a shared activity together. The feature is available during FaceTime calls with Apple Vision Pro and supports up to five participants at a time.

TikTok comes to Apple Vision Pro.

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