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Who is Bella Hadid’s new love?

Bella Hadid has found love again after ending her relationship with art director Marc Kalman.

Who is Bella Hadid’s new love?

It looks like Bella Hadid has a new love in her life… the supermodel has been caught out in Texas making out with an equestrian star.

Bella has found love again after ending her relationship with art director Marc Kalman, whom she had been dating for two years. According to an insider close to the former couple, the break-up took place last spring, but it was only a few months ago that it came to light. “They were very much in love, but the relationship eventually ran its own course and they decided to call it quits. Well, after being single for a while, focused on herself and her health, TMZ has caught her making out with a guy. But who is the lucky guy?

It’s Adam Bañuelos, a star of the equestrian world. Gigi Hadid’s sister has been photographed with this guy at the livestock fair in Fort Worth (Texas). The couple were seen strolling down the street together in a very friendly manner, holding hands and giving each other lots of kisses, hugs… Bella shares Adam’s passion for horse riding. What’s more, in recent months the supermodel has been able to return to horse riding after the break she had to take due to her delicate health condition. Bella suffers from Lyme disease.

Bella Hadid’s new love is the son of champion Ascencion Bañuelos, who emigrated to the United States from Mexico at the age of 13 and went on to become “one of the greatest horsemen of his time”. In 2017 he was inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association’s Horsemen’s Hall of Fame, becoming one of the youngest members in history. He has also been named “Horseman of the Year” in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and has a net worth of more than $6 million, according to his family’s official website.


BellaHadid’s got a new boo … real life cowboy AdanBanuelos. 💕

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Bella Hadid shares her struggle with LYME disease.

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