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Why are all the cool girls now wearing nerdy glasses?

We take a superficial look at this latent trend in fashion.

Why are all the cool girls now wearing nerdy glasses?

Gentle Monster eyewear is everywhere: from our feeds to the main enclaves of the city, the office and even the trendiest clubs after dark. The Korean experimental eyewear brand no longer only dresses the dissident profiles of Seoul, but also those of all the it girls and/or personalities who reside in the core of the system.

The rise of nerd imagery is leading cool girls to explore and seduce with this aesthetic with which to interpret this new fashion character depending on the day or mood. From Gisele Bündchen to Megan Fox, Billie Eilish, Bella Hadid or Gabriette, contemporary muses have wanted to reinterpret all these codes through schoolgirl or librarian looks to combine with the brand’s eyewear.

In fact, Billie Eilish as the current ambassador for Gentle Monster, has just crystallised her silhouettes in the collective display by wearing her enigmatic collaboration with D’Heygere that generated a sort of internet cult following from the community appreciative of her strange and unusual beauty.

The power of Gentle Monster

Just as the wraparound glasses of the classic ravero crossed the marginal sphere to be reinterpreted by all fashion players -from low-cost brands to haute couture-, now that obsession seems to be diluted to beat in another format: that of the 90s nerd prescription glasses, giving way to a new archetype that dances between maximalism and minimalism, depending on the design.

Within this viral imaginary, the Pierced 02 Gentle Monster x D’Heygere glasses are positioned as the main cult object. Glasses with metal frames and jewellery inserts -as if they were piercings- turned into a provocative work of art that fuses the luxury and fantasy of the 2000s. An aesthetic that the brand once again reflected in its Optical 2024 collection with thin, silver, wrap-around frames that revive the coveted Y2K look in a futuristic version.

The same nerdy silhouette worn by the ‘geeks’ at school has also been taken up by brands such as Kimhekim, which added a pearl pendant to the dark lenses, or by Gucci, with glasses in which maxi pink marble pendants hang from a gold frame.

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