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Ye tells paparazzi how to photograph his wife

After being accused again of controlling his wife because of the photos he posted of her on social media, Ye is back in the news.

Ye tells paparazzi how to photograph his wife

There is no doubt that Ye and Bianca Censori are one of the most controversial couples of the moment. Never afraid of what people will say, they are always natural in front of the cameras and the paparazzi, most of the time offering some pretty shocking moments. And, of course, in 2024 they are not going to stop doing so.

A few days ago, the couple were leaving a tanning salon when paparazzi started snapping them. The rapper yelled at them when he saw that they weren’t taking the pictures properly. In fact, the artist started pointing out the right angles – in his mind, at least – to make the images look good.

Kanye can be heard telling the photographers where to stand as he tries to turn the alley car park into his own personal set. The amusing interaction between Kanye and the paparazzi occurred at the same time as a homeless man appeared and began shouting at Ye and Bianca in a bizarre rant.

Kanye West sets the networks on fire with these images of Bianca Censori.

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