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YouTube introduces TikTok-inspired music discovery channel

“Samples” is YouTube’s new vertical video feed and is now available worldwide.

YouTube introduces TikTok-inspired music discovery channel

YouTube has taken inspiration from TikTok to create its new music video feed. The feature, dubbed “Samples”, is presented as a tab where users can swipe to discover new songs pulled directly from the YouTube Music library.

T. Jay Fowler, director of product management for YouTube Music, describes “Samples” as a “seamless feed of short video segments that take you to your favorite new music,” where “each immersive clip offers insight into the artist, the video and the feel of the song.”

“Samples” offers a mix of cuts from emerging artists and discographies of established artists. YouTube will likely use its own AI system to select music based on the user’s genres and preferences, though no details about the algorithm behind “Samples” have been revealed.

From the feature’s tab, users can share songs with friends or add them to their content collection. They can also watch the full video or access the album the song came from.

Moreover, the Instagram update allows adding music in carousels and up to three collaborators in a post.

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