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YouTube to integrate an artificial intelligence chatbot

The Google-owned platform is also experimenting with a feature that allows comments to be categorised by specific topics.

YouTube to integrate an artificial intelligence chatbot

YouTube is testing an AI-based chatbot that will provide additional information to users about the videos they play.

The bot, which the company calls a “conversational AI tool”, provides answers to specific questions about the video subscribers are watching, makes recommendations to related content, and allows quizzes to be created on certain academic material to “foster a deeper understanding of the information”. All this without affecting playback.

To access the tool, users must click on the “Ask a question” button that will appear at the bottom of the video. The platform will open a screen with pre-generated prompts and a dialogue bar for typing specific prompts. YouTube is also testing an AI-based feature that allows it to categorise comments based on the topics most discussed by the audience.

The tool will be available through a new button called “Topics” which will add to the existing options for sorting “Top” and “Most Recent” comments. Content creators will find it useful because they will be able to identify the interests of their audiences. “If authors wish to remove a comment topic, they can delete the individual comments that appear under the topic”.

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