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Zalando explores the sporty fashion habits of Spaniards

The platform has decided to focus on the importance of sport and go national with the ‘Feel good, look good’ campaign.

Zalando explores the sporty fashion habits of Spaniards

Studies confirm it: looking good helps you train better. As revealed by a recent research carried out by the Zalando team, 73% of Spaniards feel more motivated to do sport if they wear sportswear they like. In addition, 77% say they practice sport on a regular basis, and 39% say they have increased their sporting activities since the pandemic. Likewise, 79% of the people interviewed say that design, aesthetics and how the sportswear suits their style is a key factor when it comes to training.

Knowing these data, do you still doubt whether Spaniards practice sport on a regular basis? According to the study “Sports fashion habits of Spaniards” by Zalando, the main reasons why Spaniards practice sport are to feel better about themselves (38%) and because it makes them feel less stressed (35%). Because if we feel good, we feel better. As for the types of sports most commonly practised, running (43%), gym training (40%) and yoga and pilates (25%) were the most frequently mentioned by Spaniards.

With this in mind, the leading fashion and lifestyle platform has decided to focus on the importance of this discipline and bet on the national market by launching the campaign ‘Sentirte bien, te queda bien’ (Feel good, look good) together with some of the most acclaimed talents of the current scene and professional athletes: Martiño Rivas, Anna Castillo, Mushka, Dumas, Nia Correia, Magal Dalixi, Tariku Novales, Lola Gallardo and Sergio Turull. The aim is to inspire Spaniards in their search for sporty looks and accessories to accompany them in their daily routine.

Data from the study showed that 76% of Spaniards have bought sportswear in the last year and 57% have done so online. As for the aspects to take into account when deciding on a product, comfort (86%), quality (83%) and technical aspects (51%) are the most relevant. As for design and style, 79% of Spaniards consider this to be important or very important. Fashion, including sportswear, is a key driver of self-expression, motivation and resilience.

In addition to the campaign, Zalando is launching its new Sports Hub, a space designed to curate the brand’s best sportswear items and for us to renew those sportswear items that are outdated. The platform allows us to learn more about interesting brands and products, as well as to improve the visibility of the garments with images and contents that go beyond what we are used to. Video formats have recently been integrated into the product images section to show them better in motion… so you no longer have an excuse.

Do you want to see Martiño Rivas or Anna Castillo training with their sporting references? Now you can do it in

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