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Zara Hair: this is Zara’s first hair product collection

‘Zara Hair’ is the name the Spanish brand has chosen for its new collection, consisting of various hair products and accessories.

Zara Hair: this is Zara’s first hair product collection

The new line is called Zara Hair and is presented with a kit of four products marketed under the name Glitter in gold, Make-up for your hair. The kit has been developed by the brand together with creative director and stylist Guido Palau.

Several seasons ago, Zara decided to enter fully into the beauty universe. After surprising with the launch of specific lines of perfumes, gels, shampoos and body lotions, and then presenting its fixed beauty section in 2021, it is now the turn of the hair line. We tell you all about Glitter in gold, Make-up for your hair, the first Zara Hair collection.

The kit of four hair products has been curated and designed by Zara together with renowned creative director and stylist Guido Palau. “It’s all about make-up for your hair. These products can bring a different and fun look to your hair for a night out. When it comes to hair, it’s hard to get out of the comfort zone, and these products offer a no-compromise, easy-to-use option”.

In this first Zara Hair set we find two hair styling products, on the one hand, the Gold Fixing Gel, a cream effect product that accentuates the hair’s natural shine, and on the other hand, the Gold Glitter spray, to give your hair an extra sparkle, ideal for Christmas and family events. In addition, this first line includes two hair accessories: hair pins and a comb.

Guido Palau has enlisted the help of model Kaia Gerber, who presents this line in a series of videos. “I love Kaia. She represents Zara Hair like no one else, both for her speech and for her aspirational side”, says the stylist. Cindy Crawford’s daughter said: “Working together is always so much fun, and Guido always makes me feel confident and encourages me to experiment.

Zara and Studio Nicholson join forces for the second time, now focusing on women’s fashion.

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