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Only a few hours away from the most luxurious event on the fashion calendar. Yes, I’m talking about Chanel’s Métiers D’art. Premiering today at 6 pm UK time, director Juergen Teller gives us a preview of some of the imagery that Virgine Viard has come up with for this year.


On this occasion, Chanel’s Métiers D’art 2020 will take us to the Château de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley. Just a few hours before the official event, the fashion house shows us a preview that conveys the essence of the work. The teaser was produced by photographer Juergen Teller and shot inside this architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance. Also known as “Château des Dames”, this exceptional site will serve as the backdrop for the collection.

Play, free your mind, travel to those dreamy rooms and gardens and dance to the music. If you liked it, you can’t miss the official show this afternoon that will be transmitted through the Chanel website. By the way, the background theme is “Keep your distance” by Amon Tobien.

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