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The day has come when we have to say goodbye to Hugh as ACG designer, a farewell to Nike’s best technical line era.

Errolson Hugh ACG

We’re trying to explore what a full, all-conditions fit means in terms of having the maximum amount of protection possible,” he says. “Our ultimate goal is for the wearer to have a moment of realization and think, ‘Oh, I’m comfortable. I feel protected. I look great.And then not have to worry about those things anymore.

For this, Hugh has come up with two new silhouettes: a women’s cargo pant and a men’s down parka, all while retooling such items as the ACG 3L Gore-Tex Coat and ACG Deploy Cargo Pant. In addition, he turned the label’s coveted poncho into a three-in-one design that includes a down fill vest.

“Modularity continues to be a key factor for ACG and is a great attribute because you can change the pieces to meet specific needs,” Hugh adds. “We can shorten the down parka, for example. We’ve developed a new three-part collar that’s on the double funnel coat, and there is also a removable hood with a funnel that can be set in multiple positions depending on condition.”

To complement the clothing, NikeLab ACG‘s Holiday 2018 collection includes a range of technical accessories, from touch screen-operated gloves to a waterproof cap. The collection went on sale yesterday on November 23rd in Europe through selected retailers.

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