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Cruise collections were born for millionaires or upper class people who, fleeing from the cold every winter, chose a cruise to warmer areas as their holiday destination.

Without needing to have that nautical connotation, they are the collections that serve as a bridge between the Spring/Summer and Autumn seasons. Nowadays they are called Pre Fall, Holidays and a lot of different words.

Sisyphe: Crucero Vol. 1

After the hiatus of 2020, Sisyphe launched “menos que cero” in December. A collection that reprised and elevated the brand’s codes and that represented a reset and at the same time a strong bet; an all or nothing for them. And it worked out well.

In December of this year he will return with “las reglas del juego”, which ElPablo describes as “quite an ambitious issue, breaking our heads but we felt like going out and playing first”.

“Crucero” is a small collection between collections, in which they rescue elements of the old and a little of the new. Because the codes remain the same. They bet on pink with red, the football of the 00s, Beckham arriving in Madrid, the light of the south and beauty in general. The Crucero spirit is more necessary than ever, and they will try to extend this summer as much as possible, with different videos, a campaign and collaborations with brands. Little by little, let’s play.

Photographed in El Palo, Malaga in July 2021

Creative direction by Champan Fashion Services @champan__champagne
Fotografia Pablo Sisyphe & Camilo Perseo @pablosisyphe @camiloperseo
Video Jaime Venegas & Camilo Perseo @jaimevenet
Producción Ariadna Diaz @ariadnadiazz
Talents Yago & Claudia @y.aguito @nadalina_
MUAH & Assistant Andrea Estirado @andreaesti.vege 
Special thanks to Cas Deià @casdeia