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Converse has just launched the reinvention of the Skidgrip silhouette, one of its oldest models. This was launched no less than 110 years ago. For the occasion, Converse has brought in designer Jerry Lorenzo from Fear of God. The classics are back. 

Converse skidgrip

The Skidgrip is back. No doubt, classic lovers will remember the silhouette. The history of Skidgrip goes back to 1910, with the launch of the Converse Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO). Now, the silhouette has been slightly modified to suit the streetwear scene.

So Converse has called on designer Jerry Lorenzo (@jerrylorenzo) to reinvent this classic. “We chose the Skidgrip because it was a shoe I loved when I was younger“, said Lorenzo in a statement. Without a doubt, the connection between the silhouette and the designer has led to the success of the launch.

Skidgrip ESSENTIALS by Converse x Fear of God will be available from August 27th. In the meantime, don’t miss out on Jerry Lorenzo’s latest creations.