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What does dynamism mean to Johanna Parv and what triggers it? How can Parv, as a designer, activate it? What does it mean to her in terms of design?


For the SS23 season, the Estonian designer explores the ideas of maximum functionality that strips design of the unnecessary. Can a skirt be tucked completely inside a pair of shorts? Is it possible to eliminate the need for an additional bag?

The collection elevates Parv‘s pieces from the previous collection, reimagining them in new materials and redeveloping fit and balance. In doing so, he has designed new cargo models that allow the easily defined, refined and elevated to be transformed into something very prone to function in motion. Delicate mesh juxtaposes and softens the hardness and heaviness of cargo pockets, creating stretch, sheer and layered pocket vests. The result transforms the usual silhouettes and mystifies the female body in action.

“This season I wanted to work with women who inspire me with their love of what they do and the passion in their eyes” assures Johanna. “They are all strong, talented and dynamic women, physically interconnected with their practices. I love how they connect with what I do through movement, perfectly explored in the campaign.”

The muses include Mana Kimura-Anderson, Angel Zinovieff, Zoë Kezia and Breckyn Davila Drescher. All of them have been directed by Will Pegna in the campaign, where the functionality of Johanna Parv‘s garments is explored through choreography, the composition of actions that allow codifying the alterations and transformations of the attire in the everyday.

The campaign images were captured by photographer Rory Griffin in collaboration with filmmakers Anni Fan and Luke Clayton Thompson.