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Following her last collaboration with Converse in which the Shanghai-based designer deconstructed the iconic trainer, Feng Chen Wang comes with a new release in which she updates the classic UGG boot.

For her latest capsule with UGG, the LVMH award-winning designer draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin-yang. This principle explains the existence of two opposing but complementary forces that are essential to the universe. Yin is associated with the feminine, darkness, passivity and earth; wang with the masculine, light, active and sky.

Feng Chen Wang puts a twist on the classic UGG and creates a new snowboard boot-inspired silhouette that comes in three colour combinations: white, black and pink and nude. The model has a voluminous look and comes with buckles and lining on the inside.

The new boot is designed to be deconstructed into a 3-in-1. The boot can be transformed into sandals or sock boots. The collection also includes furry mules and the star accessory: the bucket hat that combines fur and synthetic leather with a front zip.


The complete Feng Chen Wang x UGG collection is now available on the Feng Chen Wang website.

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