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The cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty is launching a new product specialising in skincare: the Eaze Drop.

Eaze Drop by Fenty Beauty

After introducing Body Sauce earlier this month, Rihanna surprises again with her latest product. It’s a new blurring skin dye for a filtered complexion effect.

Eaze Drop will be available in up to 25 different shades and is formulated to be suitable for all skin types.  The aim is to minimise pores and wrinkles present on the body and provide a smooth, flawless feel. This is achieved thanks to Fenty Beauty’s Quickblur Complex solution, which is included in the product.

It is made with a moisture- and sweat-resistant formula, thanks to ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate. This keeps the skin soft and moisturised all day long, without the need for any touch-ups.

You can take a look at this video to see how the product works in more detail:

Eaze Drop will be available from 26 March on the Fenty Beauty website and in Sephora‘s online and physical shops.