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If there is one thing the social networks have and above all Instagram is the ability to make you fall in love in a second with a garment or an outfit. From this reflection emerges this new section called First Sight Love, or Love at First Sight.

Under the acronym FSL we will try to group all those shots of Instagram that we have liked and that of course we believe are worthy to be shared with you. With this new interaction who knows if someday you will be protagonist of this section, for it is enough that you add the tag #highxtar / @highxtar to your photos.

Next you have the #14 volume…

Shopping Time 🙂

When the class knows the streets | Gucci x Gosha

Icon: Nike Air Max Plus Tuned II “Columbia Blue” (1999)

On Point!

All In: Nike

Top: D&G | Bag: Fendi Vintage

Sometimes gold is the answer


* We know it’s “Love At First Sight” – But FSL sounds better 🙂