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In celebration of the subcultures that have emerged in one of London’s most famous venues, the 100 Club, Raf Simons reinterprets Fred Perry’s classic pieces. The designer uses the imagery of the book 100 Club Stories edited in collaboration with Ditto.

Inspired by subcultures and his youthful energy, Raf Simons applies his distinctive approach to design to the Fred Perry archive from which naturally emerges a collection whose idea is based on the pride of individuality. A concept present both in the Belgian designer’s thinking and in Fred Perry’s heritage and current DNA.

A character and uniqueness that is found in the history of the legendary 100 Club in London. The multiple bands and groups that have played there have built what today is the myth that it represents and that is illustrated in the book, edited in 2018, by Fred Perry and the editorial project Ditto, a compilation of anecdotes from the 75 years of history of the club.

From the musicians on stage to the bar staff and the customers they have served, each story is unique and adds a legend and a myth to this institution of the London subculture.

Designs that take their inspiration from the book 100 Club Stories, which documents generations of children coming of age and using their clothes as a tool to express an individual identity.  This new collection celebrates this even more, while exploring the “Do It Yourself” nature of punk clothing as well as the attitude that goes with it.

The collection will be on sale at the Instagram Shop @fredperryespana. . Also remember that Fred Perry opens its first store in Madrid in the mythical street of sound, C / Barquillo, 35.