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Gerrit Jacob(@gerrit_jacob) seeks meaning in contrasts for its Fall/Winter 23 collection entitled “SCUM”. Through aggressive prints and maximalist combinations, the brand reflects the dilemma between youthful optimism and mature degeneration.

Jacob’s work, renowned for his airbrushed effects in vibrant tones, continues this season to be applied to diverse styles that reflect the duality of his work: aggressive and naïve.

Gerrit Jacob’s adolescent disenchantment in his FW23 oscillates between naivety and ennui. And in that desolate and chaotic universe there is a heady amalgam of airbrushed leather, denim and nylon, combined with scarves in the same motifs.

Channeling the frustrations of existence in the 21st century, the collection represents a moment of growth for the brand, cementing Gerrit Jacob’s place in the global fashion industry with fierce style.

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