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GmbH has revealed a new collaboration with ASICS: three asymmetrical designs of the GEL-Quantum 360 6. Each one has a collage-style look with alternating materials that conquered quickly.

It is undeniable that of the three pairs, the most striking is the multicolored pair. While the right shoe uses a black base with bright blue details, the left shoe presents a different palette, using purple, blue, black and orange.

On the other hand, the bronzed pair uses flat tones on the right foot and lighter tones on the left foot, both reinforced with padding.

Finally, the black and burgundy style maintains both feet with a variable degree of black and burgundy trim – heavier on the right foot, flaky on the left. In addition, the three pairs also mix sports mesh with striking patent leather to create a contrast of materials.

The three new silhouettes of ASICS GEL-Quantum 360 6 x GmbH were quickly sold out in the web store of the GmbH. Each was priced at 200 Euros.