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Bershka is back with a new drop of GOING OUT, the second part that completes this new collection specially designed for you to live the holidays like never before.


Bershka has tapped eclectic singer and influencer Patricia Manfield, a.k.a ‘Heir’, to star in its new editorial. Born in Russia and raised in Italy, the talented artist has made a name for herself on the international fashion and music scene with her daring yet sophisticated personal style.

In this second launch of GOING OUT, colour becomes the main protagonist. To be more specific, orange, pink and green (in their most vibrant versions) are the tones that flood the garments of this new proposal.

Even so, we also wanted to leave room for the always successful black colour, which on this occasion takes shape through the faux fur coat with faux fur collar, or the fitted velvet dress with a rhinestone brooch at the neckline.


The silhouette that will set the pace for the evening is undoubtedly the hourglass silhouette, accentuated with ultra-fitted silhouettes at the waist offset by more accentuated shoulders. The cut-out style is also a must-have for this FW21/22 season in the bright green top and slim-fit trousers ensemble.

Also included are a dress and a top featuring a psychedelic graphic motif created especially for the occasion. Another fabric that takes centre stage in this new selection of garments is satin, present in the fuchsia pink dress with feather details on the sleeves and XXL neckline.

Scroll through the gallery to discover all the designs that make up GOING OUT:

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