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In an idyllic Sicilian setting, Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ sounds, and time stops. Between enigmatic and delirious vibrations Alessandro Michele‘s neo-classical crew connects through love, culture and philosophy in a countercultural bubble that comes from Venice Beach.

Gucci Pre-fall 2019

Gucci new Pre Fall 2019 campaign is an update of the entire Greek universe at the Selinunte archaeological park in Sicily, where classic and contemporary are fused in an interpretation of the various subcultures of Los Angeles: punks, hippies, surfers or bodybuilders dance, eat, skate, recite poetry and tour the temples in a parallel bacchanal party that escapes reality.

Portrayed through Glen Luchford’s lens, under the artistic direction of Christopher Simmonds, the campaign reflects the reunion following the Greek banquet, as well as making various references to classical culture – such as the Trojan horse – throughout the sequence. Michele hypnotizes us again with that visual load of vibrant colors, materials and infinite baroque prints that shine the cast of eclectic models, embellished by Paul Hanlon, in this bacchanal dream where there are no limits and everything has a place.

In this surreal pagan celebration of the Temple of Hera, kaftans, tunics, metallic pieces, sequins, 70’s inspired trousers with monograms, leather, lace, velvet jackets or tracksuits coexist in perfect harmony, among which the anarchy of prints stands out, as well as shirts, sweaters or dresses faithful to the codes and inheritance of the Italian house. The extravagance, the jewels and the infinite accessories have just formed this symposium of luxury and freedom that only Alessandro can imagine and relive.

Gucci Pre-Fall 2019 Video

Watch out: for those who want to travel to this new oniric paradigm of the brand, they can do so through the official app of the firm in which a digital photo booth allows users to place themselves on the stage of the campaign, as well as find extra clips of the film that surrounds them.