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Cami Alberti, the multidisciplinary artist who is constantly evolving with her work, is generating a hybrid between plastic & digital art and creative direction. Through digital media it is easier to create the “reality” that everyone wants, that is why the artist is working more and more in virtual spaces creating her new aesthetics. 

The visual artist with Uruguayan roots Cami Alberti is a diamond in the rough who never stops polishing herself with each of her projects. Based in Barcelona, her work is a constant search for authenticity, freedom and respect. The Barcelona’s revelation artist is a painter, 3D filmmaker, creative director, DJ and many other things that she expands year after year.

Cami Alberti is closely linked to the latest advances of the digital era, which is why her latest launch is her own museum on the virtual reality platform, Decentraland. Through Twitch the artist inaugurated the piece MOVEMENT, made up of three fundamental pillars: the manifesto, digital sculptures from her paintings and a film that left no one indifferent.

Highxtar(H)- For people who don’t know you yet, how would you define your project?

Cami Alberti (C)- My project is a constant search for authenticity, freedom and respect.

I believe that as an artist I have a responsibility to do my bit and in the times we live in right now I feel that there is an extreme lack of self-awareness at all levels.

I feel that we have gone too far, but that what really matters is to go far away from ourselves.

(H)- At what point does your relationship with art begin?

(C)- My relationship with art was always with me.

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a mother who is an artist, who used to make me collect leaves and make collages and even take classes in theatre, dance, sculpture and whatever else there was.

I think she thought she was teaching me art, but she was really teaching me how to talk, haha.

(H)- You are a multidisciplinary artist, what do you get out of each discipline you practice?

(C)- I believe that each discipline is like each person, they are all different, they all have their pros and cons and they all teach you new things.

In the same way it happens with art, I am aware from my own experience that the more I diversify myself the more nourished I feel.

When you start something new it’s scary and uncertain but then you do it and no matter how well or badly it goes you’ve done it and those feelings are gone, you’re freer and you’ve gained experience. I think this is why multidisciplinarity is important.

(H)- You have just sold your first NFT, what do you think of this new way of bringing value to art?

(C)- I think nfts are an extremely interesting concept. It gives a 360 turn to art as such. They have many positive as well as negative points but the simple fact that more importance is given to the “signature” than to the “work” seems to me totally exciting and innovative.

(H)- Do you think it is important for art to converge in the metaverse today?

(C)- It’s a difficult question haha, let’s think that the metaverse doesn’t seek to “simulate” a reality but rather offers an alternative reality.

As such, in this new reality you will have access to almost everything you have in the one we are in right now, looking at it this way, yes, it seems to me very important and necessary that art converges in the metaverse.

By this I don’t mean that this is the only way in which art converges, but I do see the need for art to be in all possible realities.

(H)- In this way we might ask, is it important for art to converge with the real world?

(C)- I trust that the end is a matter of horizons, the more the better.

(H)- How do you think the arrival of the metaverse is affecting people socially and culturally?

(C)- Most human beings, if not almost all of us are a bit reluctant to change, clearly the metaverse is a huge change for us so our first reaction is usually one of rejection, fear or little credibility, little by little it is seen as a new opportunity and something that if used in a conscious way could be very powerful and beneficial.

But it will take time, and in time it will become something normal, like Facebook or Instagram is for us right now.

(H)- What would the perception of time look like within these new paradigms?

(C)- All technologies associated with virtual or augmented reality aim to alter our perception, making you feel like you are part of an environment that only your eyes can see.

Now, imagine you have your glasses on and you find yourself riding on the side of a helicopter flying through the sky, however miniscule it is compared to real life you will feel dizzy and afraid to jump.

Now let’s think that this lasted only 3 minutes of your console on, the moment you take off your glasses you will feel that you have experienced something very big and it clearly wasn’t 3 minutes.

This perception of time is totally affected in a dual way, as time means different things in both realities.

(H)- What inspires you when you create your work?

(C)- I am very inspired by primary colours, soft and streamlined shapes, movement, clean and minimalist aesthetics, and water in all its states.

I am helped a lot by my constant anxiety of wanting to know everything and doing a lot of research on the things I like.

(H)- What are your references or influences?

(C)- There are many artists that I admire and respect for their work, especially when they “resemble” the things I would like to achieve or are at points where I would like to get to, but honestly what I take as a reference are the people who are themselves.

I don’t care if they are artists or not, it’s enough for me that they are authentic and good people.

I could put my brother, Almodóvar and my best friend in the same bag if I have to take a reference.

(H)- What is the creative process you follow for the creation of each of your pieces?

(C)- The truth I don’t know, it always changes haha, or at least that’s what I think, maybe it’s always the same but I don’t even realise that I have that pattern.

Almost always, I have an idea, I think which way is better to make it real and I start, but of course on the way I changed my idea a thousand times, took other paths, and then as if by magic everything ends up in the version most similar to the first idea and the first path I decided to take, so I don’t really know how my process is, but it’s something like that, haha.

(H)- What is the place of art in a digital age?

(C)- I think the same as it has right now, that of anticipating, helping and reflecting reality.

The medium through which it expresses itself would not change its place on a social or cultural level.

(H)- You have collaborated with Nike and did a campaign for Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Do you intend to continue collaborating with fashion?

(C)- I really enjoyed the experience, even though they were both very different, but I would definitely do it a thousand times more.

(H)- Have you thought about broadening your horizons and getting into another artistic discipline?

(C)- I think about this all the time, but of course right now, I paint, design, make and study 3D, I do creative direction, I’m starting to DJ, and I have my own project called Classroom for art and entertainment.

I really want to keep trying disciplines but due to time constraints I can’t yet.

(H)- A contemporary artist you would recommend.

(C)- David Macho (@david_macho_69), is an artist that from his work to his person is the most exact and perfect conclusion of the time in which we live, he is incredible.

(H)- What are your plans for 2022?

(C)- Well, to take on many projects, to learn a lot, to help and to enjoy life.


Photo: Paula Latimori  @paula_latimori 
Styling & Nails:  Byela @byela_byela
CGI: Cami Alberti @camialberti