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Following the trend on sustainability that, fortunately, is conquering the fashion industry, Heron and the vintage clothing designer Sami Miró join forces in a collection that is a clear message for the planet conservation. Designing the future of fashion is everybody’s responsibility.

“Natural Disaster” is the result of this alliance. A collection where Heron Preston’s (@heronpreston) denim archive come into play to give this problem a proper voice and that’s urgent to be contained. Global warming and natural catastrophes have a strong ally in Sami Miró (@samimiro). Her focus on recycling, upcycling and giving a second life to vintage clothing is well applied in this collaboration, where we appreciate a mesh bodysuit with denim front, leather dress zipped top to bottom, organza pants and cropped-top with puff sleeves among others.

“Natural Disaster” will be available in Heron Preston’s webstore and selected retailers.

Sophisticated designs to guarantee Earth’s future.