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One more week, from the HIGHXTAR team we are in charge of collecting the best plans to enjoy the weekend to the fullest. For all those without ideas… Pay attention, here are our weekly recommendations.


One more Friday, Razzmatazz turns into Fuego, the clubber’s answer to the urban music scene that has been taking place over the last few years. This time, our trusted club hosts Yibril, DREA and Chamos, a collective of Dutch DJs and producers who travel the world with their mix of r&b, hip-hop and electronic music combined with Afro, dancehall and funk dance influences. You can buy tickets here. 


Sen Senra has had one of the most dazzling ascents in recent years in the firmament of national urban pop. There’s no catching the Galician artist because when you arrive, he’s already gone. After the third wave of Covid-19, the Barcelona concert has changed its date and venue to 5 March 2022 at the Sant Jordi Club. You can get your tickets here. 


Foto Control presents a group exhibition with more than 20 artists to talk about the bidirectional control that falls on people’s faces. A critical and provocative approach to the social, political and cultural consequences. From the work of Diane Arbus, Thomas Ruf and Richard Hamilton, the new creative practices of Trevor Paglen, Broomberg & Chanarin and Shu Lea Cheang, and even proposals from anonymous users of social networks. You can get your ticket here. 

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