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Now you can dress smart and free for 24 hours thanks to ONE/SECOND/SUIT: H&M ‘s new suit rental service. 


This innovative proposal is designed for any gentleman who needs to dress formally for a big occasion and does not have the resources to buy his own suit. Thanks to this, he will be able to enjoy the clothing provided by H&M for 24 hours.

The process is simple: all you need to do is go to H&M ‘s online store and reserve your two-piece suit, which you can complete with a dress shirt, tie and handkerchief. Once the order has been completed, you will have the option of having it delivered to your home or picking it up in store.

H&M ‘s ONE/SECOND/SUIT was launched in April in the United Kingdom and is now expanding to the United States. Everything indicates that it will soon reach Europe and, therefore, Spain.

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