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To celebrate the third launch of ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’, the Italian house directed by Alessandro Michele has decided to involve the artist Ignasi Monreal.

It is a collection of NFT pieces that will be auctioned through ‘Gucci Vault’, Gucci‘s virtual concept store. In it, we find the ‘BLooM’ series, designed by Ignasi and composed of two identical but different pieces. A floral ensemble composed of lilies and daisies, surrounded by butterflies and bees, is combined with a pink and a blue frame that differentiates them from each other. In this way, the Spanish artist makes his debut in the NFT universe, expanding his impeccable creative portfolio.

Up to 29 contemporary artists participate in this project led by Gucci in collaboration with SuperRare, the NFT digital art marketplace developed by Ethereum. The goal? To respond to Michele‘s disruptive and kaleidoscopic vision.