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For the fourth launch of the Decade Series, the capsule collection that sivasdescalzo (SVD) unveiled earlier this year to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the retailer has teamed up with Italian artist Ignorance1, who offers his reinterpretation of the SVD logo. He thus adds his signature to the list of 10 multidisciplinary artists who will bring their vision and talent to this line of T-shirts presented at this year’s speech.

This collaboration, which is on sale now, distils the artist’s graphic character and fuses it with the spirit of SVD. The result is a piece with a retro feel that incorporates psychedelic elements and emoticons recurrent in Ignorance1‘s work to address in a comical – and truly aesthetic – way the feeling of frustration when it comes to partying during confinement, in times of pandemic. The SVD logo thus takes a retro-tech twist that nostalgically transports us back to the aesthetics of 90s rave flyers.

Ignorance1 analyses different trends to develop his own tools and themes, which he then uses from different angles; researching the ideas and content that will inspire him to work in experimental ways. He then presents them through a variety of channels. Filters, stickers, T-shirts, augmented reality or works that explore the 3D world are some of the formats that his artistic expression has taken. All this has led him to exhibit in renowned galleries in Milan and has brought him recognition on the international art circuit.

With a great sense of humour and knowledge of the world of aesthetics, coupled with a provocative and ironic tone, Ignorance1 explores, through his work, his own sensations and social situations. In this way, he aims to convey particular states of mind. He achieved this with one of his most popular works: “Not Happy, Not Sad. Just Acid”.

Produced locally and responsibly in a limited and numbered edition; Decade Series commemorates the initiative of the group of young people who a decade ago embarked on the adventure of developing their own business, standing out from the rest of the city’s streetwear offer. Continuing with its intention to encourage initiative and young talent; sivasdescalzo offers new artists the opportunity to become the tenth collaborating artist of this exclusive collection.

To join the celebration and find out more about the Decade Series, simply visit the SVD 10th Anniversary digital portal.