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Swedish furniture brand IKEA presents its latest collection ‘Art Event’ in collaboration with international circus artists. The aim is to create new works of art that also serve as household items.

It is a collection of ten pieces whose aim is to make art accessible to a much wider audience by making it more affordable. To this end, they have decided to set a budget ranging from £19 to £50 (approximately from 22€ to 58€).

Within the collection, the piece designed in collaboration with the artist Daniel Arsham stands out: a clock that seems to fly through time. IKEA also has the participation of the Japanese company Gelchop, with which it has created a series of lights and lamps whose theme is Allen keys. In addition, Humans since 182 has designed a series of wall decorations.

Finally, the collection is completed by two creations by artist Stefan Marx: a blanket and a vase, and two LED lamps designed by Sabine Marcelis.

The works that make up ‘Art Event’ will be available from May 2021.