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Martine Rose is once again reflecting her disruptive spirit in London fashion through the charm of “bad taste” that makes it desirable to a wide range of followers. For the autumn-winter 21 season, the designer takes inspiration from cluttered and mismatched personal closets to materialize a collection with which she explores several ideas in the same retro-futuristic concept.

Inside Martine Rose‘s new iconoclastic closet we can find her iconic oversized soccer jerseys combined with red leather pants, denim hooded pants, or leather adorned with diamonds. In this punk series, everything is valid: denim dresses worn back to front or cotton pants that act as chaps in looks with studded belts in black leather.

Another of the ideas that the creative director injects into AW21 is the “insinuation of ingenuity” through the use of velvet, satin, blood-red smooth leather, and imitation snakeskin with which to experiment with various fantasies. Classic pastel-colored shirts tailored jackets, and flared, drop-shoulder tracksuits round off M.R.’s menswear proposal

Check out Martine Rose’s FW21 collection in the gallery above. We will have to wait until the end of the year to be able to purchase the pieces at select retailers.