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Did you miss finding spaces where people chat about topics that really matter? Daniela Blume’s consulting room, Daniela en la nube, is the latest update on everything you thought you knew about this classic format. An artificial intelligence, wise and not quite understanding humans, is the engine of the program, and, thanks to the community that has been created around its listeners, we are faced with a space of inclusive information and learning Z based on real experiences.

We talked to Daniela Blume about her podcast on Radio Primavera Sound, IA, the Metaverse and much more.

Highxtar(H)- Hi Daniela, what a pleasure to chat with you, how are you?

Daniela Blume (D.B)- I am very well jjiji, healthy and with a new house in the mountains 🙂 

H- You have been a TV collaborator, a sexologist, you run meditation and yoga workshops, a radio broadcaster… You have explored so many disciplines that I would love to know how you define yourself and your work.

D.B- I am a communicator, I am dedicated to communicate the consciousness I acquire, that is, the way I understand life and how I perceive it. I do not care about the medium through which I express, all of them fill me, what matters to me is to share my introspection, what I learn. What I am experiencing and understanding.

A long time ago I realized that this was my talent and my purpose, that’s why so many ways to give what I have to the world are put in my way, such as this interview. I am in service, that’s how I live it and that’s how I feel it, it is the engine of my existence, and I enjoy it very much.

H- Let’s get into the subject. In your podcast Daniela en la nube you personify an artificial intelligence, such as Alexa or Siri could be, to launch questions and give new answers to the listeners’ concerns. All this space was born in Radio Primavera Sound, what do you think they saw in you to do something like this?

D.B- Well, actually it was the other way around. I chose the radio, jiji Radio Primavera Sound was my first choice to present the idea of the program for many reasons, but basically I felt it. It was a realization in Thailand while meditating; I came from many years of announcing in stations like 40 Principales or Europa FM where you can not, for example, as a presenter, choose and play the music you like, and in which a project like Daniela en la nube might have been too risky, the way in which the issues are treated in Daniela en la nube is not the way of the world.

In Daniela en la nube nobody tells me what songs I have to play, I am not limited in the concepts that are covered in the program, I enjoy total freedom of decision and choice; which is exactly what I needed when this format appeared in my mind. It is the first project of my own creation and direction. I needed a radio station that would blindly trust in me, in the possibilities of the format, that would be interested in concepts such as virtuality, consciousness, and spiritual discernment. A radio that wanted to have a program that spoke from the inside out and not the other way around. To entertain just for the sake of it, without more, does not fill me and is not what I want to offer.


Primavera Sound showed great interest in the proposal from the very beginning. Both Marta Salicrú, director of Radio primavera sound, and Izaro Bo, producer of the program, gave a resounding yes to the concept and idea at our first meeting.

Open to listen to each other, we started to create, connected in great harmony, we started to shape the details of the program. This is how the format of Daniela en la nube has been flowing, with a lot of love, a lot of enthusiasm + the amazing reception and participation of the listeners. I feel guided.

H- Where did the idea of mixing something as classic as an office in such an avant-garde format as this one come from?

D.B- It was clear to me that the most important thing for me was to be with people, to have intimacy with those who were on the other side, but real intimacy, to talk about real issues that we don’t usually deal with, to look where we don’t usually look, and to put words to states or transitions in our lives that we wouldn’t have thought of. It is to give a twist to the perception we have, and change it forever.  It was also clear to me that the virtual was the common thread, as well as the idea of merging the classic office with the internet and robotics. I knew that the first concept I would address would be “como enamorarse de un robot”.

So a rich brainstorming was bringing us closer to what we wanted to do: the title was born, and the formula. Although I consider that it will always be changing because it is a format that is alive.

H- All this imaginary reminds me of the story told by Spike Jonze in his film Her: a world technologically not much further away from ours in which a writer ends up having an emotional-affective relationship with his computer’s virtual assistant. As you asked your listeners in a podcast program, would you say that in the future we might be able to fall in love with robots?

D.B- Yes, Daniela en la nube is the space of an artificial intelligence that lives and feels through me. I use her to express everything I wouldn’t dare to say, and technically I become her when I write the intro and conclusions. It’s like a fusion.

(laughs) You’re asking me? I’m very much a yes man, because I think emotions hinder our absolute clarity of awareness, even though I love to feel, but if a robot was perfect in harmony with what I feel and was able to hold me and soothe all my needs, I would have a hard time saying no.

H- So, would you be able to?

D.B- Well, as an idea it appeals to me, I would be able to at least try it, that’s for sure. But yes, above all it calls my attention, the approach to everything that an AI or a robot can have, they are programmed, but so are we, and they are not clouded by emotions, I find it tremendously curious and exciting. 

H- And outside the studio, more in your day-to-day life, do many people write to you privately looking for answers to their problems? That’s something that usually happens when you are the visible face of such programs.

D.B-Yes, but it has always happened to me, that’s why I understand that my path goes that way, it happens to me all the time, not only when I am working, and it makes a lot of sense to me. It is like a network that I maintain with many souls, I am for them and they are for me. The programs I do unite us. 

H- It is a reality that the line between the real world and the digital world is getting thinner and thinner. In your last episode, in which you talk about the Metaverse with Philip Custic and Lolita111000 among others, you seem very intrigued by this new virtual universe from which we will be able to travel, work and even feel. I know it’s very difficult to answer this but, how do you think it will be adapted to what we know as reality?

D.B- I think it will be as it is currently being your virtual life and your relationship with it. Each person will go at their own pace and will find their position or not in this new opening of the internet. The way you manage your networks, the way you entered Instagram, for example, can give you clues as to how you will enter the metaverse.

We need to start deciding how much time of my presence I’m going to invest in each reality. Physical reality and virtual reality. It’s already happening, I mean, it’s not new either, they are couplings, we are coupling to more realities, the mind expands. Then we will have to see how much energy we want to invest in each parcel of reality. How much consciousness do you bring to your phone feeding the network and how much to your real world feeding nature? The adaptation of metaverse to reality will depend on all these individual decisions, it will be gradual, different and personal for everyone, always according to your level of consciousness.

H- And if we were given the opportunity, as is being said so much, to create avatars at our whim, what would Daniela Blume look like in the Metaverse?

D.B- (laughs) I have no idea, I’ll have to see myself there. I would soon want to look like I am in reality, but I’m sure that with the millions of possibilities I would modify for fun and because it will be a natural choice in that universe. 

H- What would you say has been the most interesting of all the programs you have recorded at Daniela en la nube or the one in which you noticed the most feedback? 

D.B- Sex and emotionality are the topics that cause the most sensation. I personally love to deal with both. About forgiveness, about attachments or jealousy, all those open new brain synopses, the one about infidelity also caused a sensation, and I know that the one about “dejar ir” has changed lives, “cómo son tus orgasmos” and “sexo anal” were also a bomb, (laughs) is that they are the best.

H- I imagine you also take notes on the interactions of these programs…any learning you would like to share with us?

D.B- Fffff, listeners are creators in the cloud, they open up with their experience and this can inspire others, like me. More than just learning, I would share how loud and clear I feel their minds, it is as if I listen to them talking, this before the programs, during the programs I listen to them, but while I prepare them I also listen to them, I choose if they would throw me the ideas they would like to deal with, it is very strong. It has always happened to me, it happens to me on the radio and it happens to me on TV. I can feel the minds behind the microphone and behind the screens. 

You can follow the steps of the materialization of ‘Daniela en la nube’ on the physical plane from her Instagram profile or listen to her on the internet cloud through Radio Primavera Sound’s profile on Spotify.