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“LE PAPIER” collection by JACQUEMUS starts from the exploration of craftsmanship as a creative narrative, giving prominence to linen and a sober color palette. The garments, true plaster sculptures, between couture and rudimentary, dialogue with the art of the Giacometti brothers.

The brothers’ elongated plaster sculptures are the artistic reference of “LE PAPIER” collection. Diego Giacometti’s lamps inspire braided linen suspenders, while plaster or modeling clay jewelry pay homage to the work of Alberto Giacometti. Garments are deconstructed to better preserve the lines of the pattern. Others are stuffed to give prominence to the volumes.

Linen and other fabrics play in the looks giving the sensation that we are in front of a living artisanal process. The quilted pieces transgress the codes of the work uniform, while the bridal looks play with what is revealed and hidden in each silhouette. Decorated with bows, big tails and petticoats, the bridal silhouettes are a tribute to bridal wear.These couture details, with their artisan nuances, set the pace for the entire collection.

This season, the lingerie pieces that JACQUEMUS includes in each of its collections illustrate the fluid contours between the indoor and outdoor spaces so typical of Provence. Thus, “LE PAPIER” collection celebrates and reveals a shared intimacy that can be seen in the vast Giraud salt marshes of southern France. A sober space whose natural poetry is briefly interrupted by JACQUEMUS’ own narrative.

The entire “LE PAPIER” collection traces the ingenious imagination of Jacquemus in a comprehensive harmony.  JACQUEMUS x Nike collaboration is also presented on this occasion. The collection is now available exclusively at