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Minimalism and craftsmanship are two of the key points that tend to emerge whenever JJJJound decides to engage in a collaboration. And this is seen in each of his releases with Reebok, as the Club C and Classic Nylon silhouettes have been designed with premium palettes and materials. Given the success of these collabs, JJJJound has decided to redesign the Reebok NPC II.

The silhouette was designed in 1985 for tennis players and has now become an everyday model. “The theme was to make an everyday shoe with a simple silhouette and construction – the generic nature of this model fits well with our ethos,” said the JJJJound founder.

“The shoe is inspired by its own origins and employs design cues that we have featured in past Reebok projects. Reebok allows us to be specific in the small details. We really value this freedom and it allows us to create products that we are proud to offer”.

An interesting detail of this JJJJound x Reebok NPC II collaboration is that no two pairs are the same. Subtle design elements are mixed and matched throughout the production process and consumers won’t know which pair they will receive until it arrives at our doorstep.


The collaboration will be launched on 21 July via the JJJJound website and on 5 August worldwide.