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Jordanluca calls us to the warehouse in Via Valenza 2, in the heart of Navigli, for a lesson on how to dress in times of uncertainty with his FW23. A fashion show, an afterparty with Herrensauna, one of the most important techno labels in Berlin, and a collaboration with Lonsdale mark the second day of Milan fashion week.

An invitation in the form of a slip is the safe passage to the particular Armageddon of Jordanluca FW23. When we arrive, we find a totally dark room full of white spotlights. When the techno music starts to play and the spotlights begin to move, we know it’s the beginning of the particular rave of the British brand.

For FW23, Jordanluca has been inspired by the uncertain times we live in, examining apparent opposites and how they interact with each other. Equality and disparity, chaos and order, and whatever opposites exist, it is what allows the world to keep turning and moving. More than a particular style, the key to the collection is that movement that Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto delve into. This feeling is evident in jeans with long tails and other pieces such as printed silk skirts and dresses. Likewise, a T-shirt from the collaboration with Lonsdale reads “Harder Faster,” because we keep moving at breakneck speed amidst uncertainty.

Precisely the collaboration with Lonsdale is one of the pillars of Jordanluca FW23. This collaboration stems from the love of both brands for the London counterculture and Queer community. This is the first collaboration between Lonsdale and Jordanluca and, because of the commonalities between the two brands, the relationship between the two is sure to continue.

But how do we deal with uncertainty in this day and age? Jordanluca has the answer in its FW23. We can do it in two ways: total destruction or freeing ourselves from that uncertainty. The cathartic process that Jordanluca takes us through is essential for human beings. After all, the planet is still here, spinning on its axis, and so are the realities of each individual. So while FW23 raises the idea of Armageddon, it is not yet the end of the world, but rather a new opportunity to know how to manage the uncertainty and chaos that invades us.

In short, Jordanluca’s FW23 is a snapshot of people who, despite their own struggles and the contradictions of the world, move forward. Conflict is precisely what keeps us alive, and Jordanluca in this edition celebrates that contradiction in style, as an indispensable engine of life.

In fact, beyond the fashion show, the brand continued with its own particular celebration in the Navigli warehouse.  Jordanluca gave a rave where the Herrensauna label, straight from Berlin, hosted the event. A good way to close the second day of Milan Fashion Week.

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