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According to Junya Watanabe his parade is inspired by a romantic feeling of rock music. The proposal consists of a haute couture denim dissection. The whole collection is supported by the denim fabric that adopts experimental forms creating pieces only at the level of Watanabe.

Junya Watanabe - SS19

Junya Watanabe – SS19

Ripped, cut, or in patchork denim coexist with a punk aesthetic that permeates all models: from the head with fluoride colors to the feet where the Buffalo get all the attention.

With t-shirts with graphics by the Spanish trash-metal band Strikeback (@strikebackthrash)– #patrioticpride – which has collaborated with Junya, the presence of rock and the punk-metal aesthetic is consolidated. Denim was also mixed with other fabrics such as a white tulle pleated skirt.

STRIKEBACK x Junya Watanabe

STRIKEBACK x Junya Watanabe

Junya’s world has never been normal. It’s strange. And heroic, and full of new ideas where the everyday like jeans are treated in such a way that they become something extraordinary.

Junya Watanabe SS19 

In short, a haute couture technique applied to denim with the aim of creating a new type of glamour. Denim at night.

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