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The Canadian singer creates his own line of cannabis in the midst of a cannabis rush. Bieber collaborates with the Palms brand and launches a pack of seven ready-rolled joints for $32, which he has named “Peaches“.

After other artists such as Travis Scott and Jay-Z launched their own brands, it is now Justin Bieber’s turn to fully enter the marijuana market. The limited edition collection is a clear allusion to the song of the same name and its references to marijuana.

Each packet contains seven 0.5 gram pre-rolled cigarettes, made from premium indoor flowers, and also includes a lighter with the slogan “Peaches”. While the product looks very attractive, its real virtue lies in its charitable intent for the benefits of weed.

Bieber is using this business venture to support non-profit organisations such as Veterans Walk and Talk, which advocate the medicinal use of cannabis. As well as the Last Prisoner Project, which works to eliminate cannabis-related convictions.