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Jonathan Anderson gives a twist to his collections. The designer has just launched a limited edition eco-conscious capsule called Made in Britain. 

The Made in Britain collection pays tribute to some of the brand’s classics. Anderson recovers the most characteristic shapes and silhouettes and creates them from fabrics and leftovers from past collections. JW Anderson’s team has worked in a completely virtual way, communicating through Zoom calls, WhatsApp messages and e-mail chains.

The result shows shirt dresses adorned with unconnected buttons, garments made in patchwork and dresses with panels that are combined with pieces of fabric in contrast. In addition, it has included new iterations of penis-shaped key chains with studs, buttons and engravings.

“It is really important for me that we become more eco-conscious and sustainable even as a relatively small brand. The idea with Made in Britain was to create something new but be resourceful with materials we already have and keep the production local,” explained Anderson. “We’ve also started using recycled materials in our canvas totes and backpacks. These are beginning steps but I want them to be real and concrete as we work to become more sustainable every year.”

The collection is now available on the JW Anderson website.