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The pandemic has left no one indifferent. And if not, just tell it to Kiko Kostadinov, who had to rescue some memories from his memory to find inspiration. Now, he presents his Yesternow SS22 collection.

The Bulgarian-born, London-based designer presented his new designs for the spring/summer 2022 season. Surprising once again, he showed his latest creations based on different narratives. While before the health crisis he was inspired by his travels, this year he was forced to look to himself for inspiration. In his memories and in the objects that surround him at home. In this way, he reflects on the meaning of his adventures and gives them a much more personal approach.

“When you travel, whether it’s to Japan or Paris, to do a showroom or a fashion show or just to visit, you really pick up the energy of the people you meet along the way,” Kostandinov says. “However, I couldn’t do that this season, I had to really dig into my own past and try to remember the things that impacted me. That made me who I am in some way,” he adds.

Now, he presents garments that dance in limbo between sportswear and formal style, merging future and past in the same narrative. The pieces stand out such as a nylon tracksuit combined with a lace vest, deconstructed designs or oversized bags. Nor has his traditional collaboration with ASICS been missing, as together they have made new footwear silhouettes.


Discover, through a virtual tour, the Yesternow SS22 collection by Kiko Kostadinov.