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The iconic Trivia Bag designed by Kiko Kostadinov, which made fashion icons like Bella Hadid fall in love with it, is back in a very special edition.


To celebrate the arrival of the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the Bulgarian designer surprises with a bright fuchsia version of his much-desired Trivia Bag. A striking colour that accentuates all the details and the curved silhouette of the accessory that Bella Hadid fell in love with.

The launch will be accompanied by a special installation on the ground floor of London’s Dover Street Market, designed by Laura and Deanna Fanning, creative directors of Kiko Kostadinov‘s women’s line. The scene, “juxtaposes post-apocalyptic ad-hocism and glitzy luxury décor,” according to a statement.

Items from Kiko Kostadinov‘s Fall/Winter 2022 collection will be available on the DSM website in the coming weeks.