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Kiko Kostadinov was able to bring together the best of both worlds, on and offline, with a password-protected parade.

It all started with a rather exclusive invitation to the show, everyone had their own unique access. Once inside, you could only watch the video once, no pauses or rewinds were allowed. A frantic juggling act between writing and recording for instagram made it seem for a moment that we were at the front-row.

Set in the hallowed halls of Strawberry Hill House, in a Gothic renaissance home somewhere outside London, the models wore Renaissance-inspired clothing adorned with college stripes. Kiko’s collection is made up of innovative garments and complex patterns. Now the designer’s typical futuristic aesthetic goes back a few centuries. The sports tunics were particularly eye-catching, as were the bags with frills.

This time the typical Kiko x Asics shoes were exchanged for square-toed boots.