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Lacoste and National Geographic are teaming up for a collaboration that celebrates the beauty of the natural world. This limited edition collection will bring together Lacoste’s iconic models with National Geographic’s majestic animal motifs. The result: a capsule for the Earth and its wonders that reminds us of the importance of animal conservation. 


The inspiration for Lacoste x National Geographic comes from the ambitious National Geographic Photo Ark project. Directed by Joel Sartore, photographer and National Geographic contributor, Photo Ark is an initiative dedicated to documenting the species that live in zoos, aquariums, and nature reserves around the world. This project, as well as the new collaboration, aims to celebrate the diversity and splendor of the animal kingdom.

To create the collection, Lacoste has selected four animals chosen for their exciting stories and exceptional beauty. These are: the Grevy zebra, the Blue Arrow frog, the Halloween dragonfly and the jaguar. The coats, as well as the dazzling tones of these four species are used as graphics and prints on the pieces. Thus, the collaboration allows to adopt for a moment the spots of the jaguar or to wrap oneself with the fascinating wings of the dragonfly, with its criss-crossed, hypnotic and delicate lines.

One could say that the message is intended to be above all educational: each garment in the collection is accompanied by a label with information about each species. Did you know that most of the Poison Arrow Frogs are not poisonous at all?

As expected, this is an eco-friendly collection. All the materials, from the recycled polyester of the bags to the organic cotton of the polo shirts and the natural rubber of the shoe soles, have been certified as sustainable and recycled.

Lacoste x National Geographic

Lacoste x National Geographic consists of a wide range of sweatshirts and polo shirts. Accessories such as sunglasses, sneakers, bags and even underwear. The classic T-shirts in red and navy blue are proposed with the logo of the crocodile printed on the various motives. The iconic polo comes in a striking all-over print of jaguar, zebra or frog. In addition, they’ve launched a set of reversible padded jackets as a nod to the animals’ ability to blend in. Each of these garments is reminiscent of National Geographic with subtle details in yellow.

The collection will be available from November 11 in all Lacoste stores and on