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Los Angeles-based brand No Sesso is famous for challenging the conventions of fashion, art, culture and design. No Sesso, founded by Pia Davis in 2015 and joined by Autumn Randolph in 2018, quickly became popular with its fans, taking an edgy and inclusive approach to design and focusing on the creative power of community. Welcoming and empowering people of all colours, body types and identities, No Sesso celebrates the beauty of non-conformity, which is why Levi’s® is proud to collaborate with this brand on a new collection.


No Sesso’s approach to the Levi’s® collaboration is based on reinventing gender-inclusive versions of Levi’s® icons, creating entirely new pieces that are designed to be flattering on all bodies. Combining the sensual beauty of lingerie as a design reference point, the collection features four dark indigo denim pieces that can be unbuttoned or tied up, creating a myriad of different silhouettes.

A highlight of the collection is the Levi’s® x No Sesso Corset Trucker jacket, which features stitching and corset ties on the front and back. It also features a zip-off bottom piece that can be removed for long or short wear, and corset ties that can be tied to create a slim-fit or untied Trucker for oversized wear. Also included in the collection is the Zipper Trucker: a Type III Trucker that includes zip pleats on the body and sleeves, which can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned to suit different body types and styling options.


In terms of jeans, the collection includes two transformable versions of Levi’s® jeans. The Baggy Jean, which, like the Corset Trucker, includes a zip in the middle of the leg, allowing it to be transformed into a pair of shorts. There is also the Zip Flare jean, a jean based on the 505 fit with zip pleats that can be opened to create a flared silhouette.

The Levi’s® x No Sesso campaign was styled, cast and creatively directed by Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph, who also star in the campaign, along with some of the brand’s friends, including Jerrod La Rue, Mizan Bright and Ebonee Davis. The entire collection includes labels and leather back patch with Levi’s® x No Sesso logos.


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